Testing 6/23-7/2

Testing will begin next Monday for those that would like to be apart of CrossFit Austin’s 2015 competitive team. The testing will run from Monday 6/23 to Wednesday 7/2.  Aaron, Myself, or both us will be available to assist and coach you from 5 PM to 7 PM each evening that we have testing. Note that we will not have our normal 6:30 PM L3 Classes on Monday and Tuesday, so get here as soon as possible and we will get you started.  Some things of note for the upcoming 2 weeks:

  • We will have our orientation at 11 AM on Saturday June 28th, during orientation we will be taking additional tests and taking everyone through our new warm-up protocols
  • All the test can be found HERE make sure you are recording your results in your personal journal, we will send a google form out to everyone at the conclusion of testing  to fill out so we have all of the results on spot
  • This will be the final post at K1 moving forward we will have a page for Team CFA on the main CFA website.

Doc with Tests

Google Form for results (Will be linked On Thursday July 3rd)

Training 6/21

6 Round for time
6 Muscle-ups
6 Squat Cleans @ 165-185

Training 6/19

8:00 EMOM
2 Hip Muscle Snatch @ 45-55% x 8 sets

DL @ 225

Training 6/18

Wednesday 6/18
Aerobic Base Work/Recovery
60:00 of
– Row
– Bike / AD
– Swim
– Hike
(or any combination of All)

Keep the effort consistent and steady throughout if you have an HR Monitor keep things at 60-70% of Max HR

Training 6/17

**The informational meeting planned for this weekend has been cancelled altogether due to scheduling conflicts the new time is 11 AM on Saturday June 28th. However testing for all athletes still begins on Monday June 23rd**

8:00 EMOM
2 Hip Clean @ 45-55% x 8 sets

15:00 AMRAP
200 M Run
30 Double Under
20 KB Swings
15 Burpees

Training 6/16

3 Rounds or 10:00 for Quality
4 Jump Squats
6 Pistols/leg Alt.
8 KB/DB Hip Snatches /arm
30 Double Unders

A. Build to a Max Back Squat in 25:00

OHS @ 95 lbs
CTB Pull-ups


Training 6/13

**Announcements: Orientation for the 2014-2015 competition program will be next Saturday (6/21) at 11 AM**
**Be aware that tomorrow at 9 AM will be a community workout, space and equipment will be limited** 

3 Rounds or 10:00 (For Quality)
5-15 ft Handstand Walk
:30 L-Sit
Skin the Cats x 4-6 reps
(slow and controlled)
300 M Run

Bench Press
x5x2 @ 60-75% Rest :60
x3x2 @ 75-80% Rest :90
x2x2 @ 85-90% Rest 2:00
x2x2 @ 90-95% Rest 2:00

3:00 Max Muscle-ups


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